What is the premise of Goal Get It as a company?

There are lots of to-do list apps out there, and lots of apps which have stringent, guilt-tripping reminders, but Goal Get It is different. We believe that setting short-term goals allows us to reach longer-term goals. By laddering up these daily goals to lifetime goals, give us a sense of purpose, optimism and positivity.

What’s the purpose of the app?

Goal Get It is a planning help, that helps you track your goals from daily goals, right up to long-term bucket list goals. We know that life can sometimes can get in the way, so it’s not about stringently sticking to these goals, it’s about guilt-free reminders and supporting with content to allow you to take small steps to achieve them.

Where is the app available to download?

The app is free on Apple’s App Store and Google Android’s Play Store.

Is it free to download?

Sure is, and always will be.

Can I submit an opinion article for the app?

Yes – please e-mail articles@goalgetitapp.com with any opinion or how-to guides. Submissions will be reviewed by our panel and upon acceptance you will be notified and credited with your name and social media handles.

I’m really struggling to use the app, what should I do?

Please visit the App Tutorial page on our website or use our start-up guide within the app itself.

I’m still stuck, can anyone help out?

Yes – you can contact us via our Contact Us page or in-app using the ‘Report a Problem’ function.