About Us

We firmly believe that setting goals helps motivation in the short-term and happiness in the long-term. But also in a way that’s not restrictive and becomes a hindrance on daily life.

In the March of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic where hopes, we saw many friends, family and co-workers affected by the lack of hope and an unknown return to normality. We realised more than ever, how easy it is to lose motivation, across all aspects of life. From there, Goal Get It was born.

We learnt by writing down these day-to-day short-term goals, right up to idyllic Bucket List desires, helps motivate and give the drive and determination to reach that next rung of the ladder.  Dreams don’t exist without short-term goals, and short-term goals don’t exist without dreams.

Now instead of writing lots of lists, we’ve designed an app to collate all these tasks and goals in one place. The best part? It’s free, and always will be.

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